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On the Racked: Starbucks Hating, Calypso Madness, Murakami Monogramouflage, Bowery Coffee Scenes

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1) Jackson Heights: The life changing Starbucks isn't exactly being welcomed with open arms "and it's not just for all the typical Starbucks-loathing reasons (sign of gentrification, fear that it'll push out indie coffee shops, general hatred of large corporations). The area's Colombian population is quite happy with the other coffee options available to them, and they don't care for Starbucks' java and pricing."

2) Garment District: For those with a taste for shopping insanity, Racked's photo gallery of the crazy Calypso sample sale. Equally colorful, though not at all insane, is the Soundgirl and Shoes for Lovely People sale.

3) Prospect Heights: Is everyone ready for vendors outside the Brooklyn Museum selling Louis Vuitton product and special Monogramouflage canvases created by Murakami? If not, there's always the boutique inside.

4) Bowery: Racked wishes to seriously show showing the new Think Coffee at Bowery and Bleecker.