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North Tribeca Mystery: We Still Don't Know Jack (Parker)

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At the top of the Triangle Below Canal, wedged against the West Side Highway, is a one-block piece of land known round these parts as the Jack Parker site. It's been a Curbed fascination for years, dating back to the neighborhood rezoning battle that permitted the developer to level the old buildings on the lot and begin construction of what we can now reveal to be a luxury rental building tallying nearly 300 units. (Others may recall the site as that of a crane collapse a few months back.)

Through all the sturm und drang of the project's development and growth, however, one thing continues to elude us: renderings of what the finished buildings—there are actually two of them on the lot—will look like. But now that the buildings have taken shape and topping off is imminent, we can start to fill in the blanks. Above, a photogallery of the construction; any CAD junkies bored at work today want to take a shot at what you think this place is going to look like? Renderings to Meantime, others are welcome to debate the meaning of the obscure Edward Albee quote that graces the west-facing facade: "You gotta have swine to show you where the truffles are."
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