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Brooklyn Atlantic Yards Discussion Gets Gala Treatment

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First, came the initial pre-Atlantic Yards Stall announcement that Bruce Ratner was being honored at a Brooklyn Museum Gala. Then, came the reactions, including an angry "open letter" to the Museum accusing it of embracing "a bad neighbor." Tonight, comes the protest outside the $5,000-$75,000 per table gala featuring a Kanye West performance. A spokesperson for the developer tells the Daily News, which notes that foes are "raging" about the Ratner honor, that it's "an honor and a thrill to be part of such important cultural institutions" and notes his support of other Brooklyn entities like BAM and the Botanic Garden. Atlantic Yards Report finds $200,000 in contributions in 2005-06 to the museum from Forest City Ratner's foundation, but that he's actually given more money to BAM. A release about the demonstration says it's "expected to be a photogenic event." No word on whether the Atlantic Yards backwash will splatter on artist Takashi Murakami or on (please say it ain't so) Louis Vuitton, which is opening a temporary boutique connected to the new Murakami show.
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