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Community Gardens Grow Vegetables, Garbage

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Last week's guest blogger, Chris Carrara of East Village Idiot filed another dispatch dealing with the appearance of some of the neighborhood's community gardens. He writes:

The East Village is peppered with Community Gardens, especially towards Alphabet City. These are meant to be oases in a desert of concrete, but they seem to have their own problems. GreenThumb, the organization responsible for the development of these gardens for the past 30 years, says they "foster civic participation and encourage neighborhood revitalization while preserving open space." It mentions nothing of beautifying the neighborhood, but you'd think that's an intention of creating Community Gardens. If community gardens in the East Village are supposed to be a reflection of my community as a whole, then my neighbors are downright sloppy.The garden in the pic above is Open Road Park as seen from E. 12 Street.

The elaborate 6B Garden, as seen from Avenue B.

La Plaza Cultural, as seen from 9th Street.
· Open Road Park []
· 6B Garden []