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Whitney Museum to Debut MePa Piano Solo Tonight

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St. Vincent's has been in the news a lot lately, but tonight it will merely play host to another highly-anticipated reveal: architect Renzo Piano's new Whitney Museum at the base of the High Line. The proposed museum will take the place of the above abandoned meatpacking plant (this is MePa, after all) at 820 Washington Street, at Gansevoort Street, and the museum will be twice as big as the Whitneys' Upper East Side location. If you recall, the Whitney swooped in and snatched the site after the Dia Art Foundation backed out of developing it. The museum needs many zoning variances to get approval, hence the upcoming lengthy public review process. Tonight is a town hall meeting of sorts, open to anyone who is interested in art, architecture, the High Line, zoning minutiae and/or margarita futures (MePa Mexican joint Los Dados is directly on the other side of the High Line). The fun kicks off at 7:15 at St. Vincent's Croton Auditorium, 170 West 12th Street. Tell 'em Renzo sent ya!
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Whitney Downtown

820 Washington Street, New York, NY