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NYU: We'll Rebuild Playhouse Even Better!

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The controversy swirling around NYU's plan to demolish and replace the famed Provincetown Playhouse at 133 MacDougal Street in the Village takes a new turn today, as the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the university itself react to the pleas from preservationists to save it. Yesterday, the LPC released a statement that said the building lacked the "historical and architectural integrity required for individual New York City landmark designation." Smackdown! And according to the school and project architect Morris Adjmi, the replacement?which would be used by NYU's law school and include a new theater?would have an exterior even more reminiscent of the theater's '30s look, seen above. The Times reports: "The new building would be three feet higher than the existing one, and six stories rather than five. The canopy would be removed, and the doorway would become more intricate and reminiscent of the building before its 1940s renovation." Your move, preservationists.
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