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As the Brooklyn Jailhouse Turns: Sell Cells & Build Condos?

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The plans for the Brooklyn Detention Center at Smith Street and Atlantic Avenue have already gone through many iterations, including the ever popular Jail with Retail concept. The plan to expand and reopen the facility, meanwhile, has not been received warmly and has, in fact, spawned organized opposition. So, now, City Comptroller William Thompson is pitching another idea: sell it and rake in big buck for the prime real estate. Today's Daily News quotes a letter to Mayor Bloomberg from Thompson, who's also running for Mayor, that says "Because our City has already begun to experience economic weakness, communities such as Downtown Brooklyn remain at risk of reversing their economic gains." The city is looking for an architect to design the expansion, which would add 720 beds (plus the jail retail component). It's not clear exactly what the site would be worth for, say, lux condos or rental apartments.
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