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A Look Inside the East Village's Mansion of Death

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After changing hands, the old Stuyvesant Polyclinic on Second Avenue between 8th and 9th returned to the market with gusto. But the "Buy This Mansion" signs plastered to its 124-year-old, carved terra cotta façade have been taken down. The broker, Moss Real Estate Group, imagined a rock star like Lenny Kravitz would buy the building for $13 million and install an “indoor/outdoor saltwater swimming pool exiting to your gigantic organic garden” along with other whimsies. What of the interior of this now possibly-sold landmark? The broker's listing now includes a few bright and shiny interiors, but a look inside, per the photo gallery above, does show the place looking impressive. But I don’t know where that swimming pool and garden is going to go, because there is no backyard. A quick peek through the windows of the neighboring Ottendorfer Library reveals a weird outbuilding connected by a passageway taking up the entire rear space. As a century-old medical clinic, this building’s got some very special amenities. Like the full-service mortuary right inside the front door. Jeremiah Moss
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