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CurbedWire: Hotel, Condo & More on Busy Bowery Blocks

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[Photo of the former 196 Bowery courtesy of Property Shark]

BOWERY?There is much to note on a block of the Bowery that includes demolitions, sales and activity on the site of a long-rumored hotel. First, a tipster advises that "180-182 Bowery was sold at auction yesterday to make way for something." Next, demolition permits are out for 189 & 191 Bowery, which is expected to be a hotel. The building at 189 sold last year to Brack Capital for $9.7 million and has been the subject of assorted hotel rumors for a long time. Perkins Eastman show up on the permit applications as the architect. Our tipster report says: "Apparently a 'model' room has been constructed in the back of 189's storefront. I haven't been in yet but a neighbor says he saw it." If all that is not enough, we come to 196 Bowery, which has been torn down and will be replaced by an eight-story residential building. Again, per a tipster email: "They just had their stop-work order for demolition lifted yesterday. About a week and a half ago I sort of had to call 911 after the building façade crumbled & a window frame fell onto a worker. It was kind of fun to shut the Bowery traffic down for a while." And, those are some busy blocks. [CurbedWire Inbox]