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Jay-Z, Beyoncé Give 195 Hudson St. a Moment of Infamy

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Desbrosses Street in Tribeca tends to be a sleepy, cobblestoned thoroughfare, a fact we know well insofar as it happens to be the home of Curbed HQ. This afternoon, however, the byway is chockablock with paparazzi and news media hoping to spy a glimpse of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who, reports have it, plan to wed at any minute in Jay-Z's loft at 195 Hudson Street. Building brief: seven floors, 28 units, including the penthouse that he paid $6.85 million for back in 2004. Two units are currently on the market: rocker Duncan Sheik's $2.85 million loft, and this raw space for $2.2 million. Or, rent this pad for a mere $6k/month! All that information, obviously, just a cheap excuse for us to run a photogallery of this afternoon's hot paparazzi action, above.
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195 Hudson Street

195 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10007