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Brooklyn Heights Parking Garage/Garden is Back

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A plan to build a new parking garage at the historic Brooklyn Heights Riverside Apartments, which date to 1890, are back with a vengeance. An earlier version of the plan to add a garage the building at Columbia Place and Joralemon Street was defeated a couple of years ago by neighborhood activists and tenants. There's a new plan, however, for a 134-car, two-level garage. The Pinnacle group has launched a website full of renderings (including the ones here) for the "garden restoration and underlying parking structure" that includes a "How You Can Help" page. The project would require approval by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, among other entities. Some tenants suspect the garage is part of a long-term strategy to take the building condo as dedicated parking would be key to making condo attractive. The local community board's Land Use Committee has given the plan a thumbs down. Pinacle is using the landscaped garden with lawn, fountain and tricks to mask sound from the adjacent BQE as the selling point.
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