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Gehry Says Miss Brooklyn Isn't Dead, Just Resting

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After a couple of weeks of headlines about how his Miss Brooklyn tower is dead, Frank Gehry has spoken. He told the Brooklyn Paper at the Brooklyn Museum's Gala last night that Miss Brooklyn isn't dead and that it will be built and "look better than anyone imagines." He also said of Bruce Ratner: "He really does want to build it...But he can’t get the financing. I don’t know why he would tell the papers that, but it is true." Mr. Gehry said he's confident that "Bruce will have a tenant soon — and then he’ll begin construction." In the meantime, the starchitect said he's tweaking the design of the 511-foot tower and that the design is "better than ever." Of Miss Brooklyn, he says, "We've made some adjustments that people will absolutely love. This is the part of the process I enjoy — tinkering, making things better."
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