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CurbedWire: Underground Real Estate Advice & Online NYT Search Issues

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CHELSEA?Opinions on the state of the real estate market are everywhere, including underground. The photos above came from two different tipsters from different spots on the 1 Train platform at 14th Street. [CurbedWire Inbox]

ONLINE?Speaking of the real estate market, a reader writes with an issue regarding the New York Times real estate search function. Per an email: "The Times recently turned on their Google-maps-based real estate search, which appears to have broken the multiple-neighborhood searching available from their 'Advanced Search' page. The map view is always on, and can only be turned off once you get to the map view and only for that one search. But the map view only supports a single neighborhood. So go to 'Advanced Search', and you get the map view, which drops all but one of the neighborhoods from your advanced search. Paging around within the map view and looking at listings appears to have problems as well, as the map gets stuck in 'loading' mode easily. We asked NY Times tech support for the story..."

The answer from the Times: "We apologize for any frustrations. The browser recommended for our home page and editorial articles is Safari, but FireFox is recommended for any multimedia features on our web site. We appreciate your feedback and have passed it along to the appropriate department. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance to you." Our reader concludes that "The New York Times wants us to switch browser depending on what page we're looking at. And of course, it doesn't work any better in Firefox than it does in Safari. Just wondering if anyone else was having problems with this new 'feature'... [CurbedWire Inbox]