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Here Comes Trouble: Stuy Town Residents Want Landmarking

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In what is just the latest twist in the recent bizarre history of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, a group of tenants are mounting a campaign to win the 110-building complex landmark status. And that campaign is kicking off with a square dance. If the movement gains momentum, this could be a classic showdown. Sure, Stuy Town is an important historical artifact of Manhattan's once-existent middle class, but think about the ulterior motives at play here. Rent-stabilized tenants are living in fear (if the forums are any indication) of what changes new landlord Tishman Speyer will impose next, and a landmarking could protect the grounds and buildings and prevent, for example, a luxury all-glass condo building plopped down on the Stuyvesant Oval. On the other hand, Tishman Speyer would probably just blow the whole place up on the eve of the designation if the winds were blowing in that direction. So grab your partner, swing her 'round, and get this craziness off the ground!
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