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Willets Point Plan Rendered, Local Love Included

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That big city plan to tear down all the auto shops and other businesses in Willets Point and replace it with housing, hotel rooms, shopping and a convention center is still generating a lot protest. So much so that opponents plan to demonstrate at opening day at Shea Stadium tomorrow and organizers are predicting 1,000 people could show up to give Mets' fans something extra to watch. In the meantime, the city recently floated out some renderings, a photo gallery of which appears above. The rezoning the city is considering would allow up to 5,000 units of housing and 1.5 million square feet of commercial space in a 13-block area. A lot of the property would have to be seized by eminent domain, however, and up to 3,000 workers could lose their jobs. Opponents also say the plan doesn't include enough affordable housing. In the meantime, there's a letter writing campaign to city officials from members of the Willets Point Industry and Realty Association. One says, "We object to you taking our land and selling it to a private developer while profiting from our blood, sweat and tears." Another calls the plan "a disgrace." The plan could be headed into the land review process within a month and hopes to break ground in 2010.
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