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Development Du Jour: 535 West End Avenue

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Location: 535 West End Avenue, at 86th Street
Size: 20 stories, 22 half- and full-floor units
Prices: $8,750,000 to $21,000,000
Architect: Lucien Lagrange Architects
Developer: Extell
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran Sunshine

For all those who wonder why they don't build them like they used to, this one is for you. Extell's new ultra-luxury development caught some heat in the Times and elsewhere for its "pre-war" marketing, despite being new construction. It's "pre-war style," they responded, and the truth is we were ready and willing to pile on the mockery, but the building is now open for business, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Staggeringly so. Current rendering kings dbox handled the images, and we don't think we're being outrageous when we say this could turn out to be another 15 Central Park West (minus the park part). The building is the first New York City project from French architect and former SOM partner Lucien Lagrange. The apartments are gigantic?3,744 to 8,451 square feet?as are the prices (only three apartments are currently listed). The question is, will high-end buyers searching for trophy properties be drawn to this McClassic? Given 15 CPW's success and the gimme gimme gimme state of the luxury market, most likely. There are really too many details to get into in this space, so click through the gallery for the complete guided tour.

535 West End Avenue

535 West End Avenue, New York, NY