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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Brooke Shields Goes Greek, Heather Mills Goes Curvy, More!

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1) A four-apartment Greek Revival townhouse on West 10th Street is going to take some serious work to combine into a single-family mansion, but Brooke Shields is up to the challenge. She just went to contract on the $5.6 million four-story home (above), between Bleecker and Hudson, which has eight fireplaces and an 800-square-foot garden. Oddly, there also appears to be a huge rendering of One Jackson Square hanging on the wall. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) Hey, speaking of Greenwich Village's undulating wonder (One Jax, not Brooke Shields), ex-Beatle banger Heather Mills checked out an apartment at the building while dressed in a wig and wearing a fannypack. Well, most likely she checked out the sales office, because the building still has a ways to go. [Gatecrasher/Ben Widdicombe]

3) One day, every home Andy Warhol ever lived in will be famous for 15 minutes. His Lexington Avenue townhouse already made the rounds, and now his fancier digs at 57 East 66th Street have hit the market?at $38 million. The house is currently owned by former Viacom boss Tom Freston. [Page Six]

4) Tennis star Andy Roddick is engaged to a model named Brooklyn, but his heart truly belongs to Gramercy. He just bought a condo on East 22nd Street near the park (but not within key distance), a cute little pied-a-terre listed at $1.195 million. [Manhattan Transfers/Max Abelson]

One Jackson Square

122 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10006