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Something New and Different for 80 South Street?

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The very idea of 80 South Street, the futuristic stack of cubic condos designed by architectural wizard Santiago Calatrava that is going nowhere fast but still refuses to die, keeps hope alive in the minds of archi-freaks everywhere. Despite that hope one watchful soul over at Wired New York has dug up what could be considered evidence of the first nail in Calatrava's coffin. WNY poster BrooklynLove, while doing some rooting around in cyberspace, happened upon a few gems from Cook+Fox Architects that just might be 80 South Street revised.

BrooklynLove writes:

came across something interesting - looks like an alternate design for calatrava's 80 south street tower - placement looks right and rendering #6 shows an 80 at the entrance -> projects -> waterfront tower
Deeper digging on the status of 80 South Street reveals very little. The website of developer Sciame makes no mention whatsoever of what was at one time the company's premier project. And aside from ever-hopeful bloggers declaring "It will be built!", the only action in cyberspace is the always cool 80 South Street website. From our vantage point, either one of these towers would do just fine.
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80 South St

80 South Street, Manhattan, NY 10038