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De Niro Shows Off His Hotel, Offers Some Bargains

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The reason Robert De Niro's Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca has been under such lock and key? Down By The Hipster explains, and it's just as we expected: a Vanity Fair exclusive photo shoot! The short story has a few shots of the David Rockwell interiors, and some fun factoids. For example, were you aware that the art hanging behind the check-in desk (right) was painted by Bobby's late father? Now you know, and knowledge is power. The Greenwich Hotel website has also relaunched, featuring a few glimpses of the fun inside, but unfortunately the real showstoppers?the Greenwich Suite, the N Moore Suite and the full-floor Penthouse?are not done yet, so no pictures. The online reservation system is online, however, and you can snag a room this weekend for as low as $475 per night! Quite a departure from the $700+ per night charged during the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival.
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