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Leo's Cursed Hudson Blue Will Try, Try, Try Again

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Floorplan Porn, PriceChopper, Celebrity Real Estate Wrap?the tale of Hudson Blue fits all of the above. As reported this week in your tabloid of choice?and New York?Leonardo DiCaprio bought an apartment at Riverhouse, the new luxury Battery Park City building that swears up and down it's eco-friendly (we're sure that underground parking garage will be filled with Priuses). But, wait, wasn't Leo supposed to move in to Hudson Blue, the boutique building along the West Side Highway no doubt inspired by the nearby Richard Meier towers? He sure was, even after the rest of the eight listings were pulled off the market and reconfigured as six units.

So what happened at Hudson Blue? In a shocking twist, the building is now being marketed as a single-family townhouse priced at $21 million (down from $25 million two weeks ago, per StreetEasy). Because this building was never supposed to turn out this way, the stats are slightly ridiculous. The Sotheby's listing has it at 11 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 5 half-baths, a total of 15,000 square feet. The freakin' thing is 10 floors! What family could possibly handle a house that big? Probably none, which is why the listing says a buyer can "develop as two or more condominium units." What made this one such a stinker?
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Hudson Blue

423 West Street, New York, NY