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Prospect Heights Residents Tired of Destructoporn

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[Photo courtesy of Brit in Brooklyn]

After the public announcement of the Atlantic Yards Stall come the calls for a "moratorium" on demolition in Prospect Heights of buildings on properties that could eventually become part of the development. The original completion date for the project was already 2016 for some of the outlying parcels and, now, residents of Dean Street say there's no reason to keep tearing things down if the land is going to be empty until 2020 or so. The Dean Street Block Association sent a letter to Gov. David Paterson and to the head of the Empire State Development Corp. asking for the bulldozers to take a time out until the status of the project is clear, lest the neighborhood be left with wide-open 1960s Urban Renewal-style cleared land that stays empty for a decade or two or three. It asks for "a moratorium on demolition until such time that the communities surrounding Atlantic Yards can be assured that rational decisions are being made to protect the area from the blight associated by dormant sites, over-scaled inefficiently situated construction staging, and surface parking lots." The ESDC, however, already appears to have indicated the demolition porn will keep coming.
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