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Trump Soho Hits Craigslist, via Miami

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Things continue to take interesting turns at the Trump Soho, already suffering a pretty miserable 2008. Construction accidents aside, the controversial condo-hotel was the subject of a scathing New York magazine feature that pretty much called the building's legality into question, and over the weekend the Wall Street Journal outed condo-hotels as crummy investments, while mentioning a buyers' revolt at Trump's new condo-hotel in Las Vegas. But if the Trump Soho sells out at the exorbitant prices it is currently demanding, it will all be worth it for The Donald in the end. So how are sales going? Pretty damn well, according to this Craigslist ad for the building. Wait, the five-star Trump Soho is being marketed on plebeian gathering ground? Oh boy, is it ever.

Quite interestingly, the ad is posted on Craigslist NY, but the brokers who put it up are Miami-based. Trump Soho is now being exclusively marketed by Prodigy International, but this listing takes you to a site called Miami Real Estate Trends. However, Prodigy's ultra-chipper January press release on the building is quoted in the Craigslist ad:

Demand for units at Trump SoHo Hotel Condominium continues to be robust, with strong foreign-market sales indicating that Manhattan is the preferred location for international real estate buyers. Since sales commenced in September 2007, global buyers have purchased nearly 53 percent of the building. "The strengthening of the Asian and Europe currencies has fueled up sales velocity by global buyers beyond even our most aggressive projections," noted Ivanka Trump, Vice President of Development and Acquisitions for the Trump Organization.

Of course, New York looked into that "fueled up sales velocity" and came up with far more disappointing numbers. Oh well, maybe the Craigslist approach will lead to some action, especially with those "special prices." The GMail approach probably worked, right?
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Trump Soho

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