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Scofidio Digs In at 277 Mott

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A slot of a lot in Little Italy just north of Old St. Patrick's Cathedral is about to be built upon. It'll be something new and fun, or so says the word on the street. The owner of this 20' wide property is Mr. Karl Kopp of Kopp's Custard fame. Mr Kopp not only knows his custard but knows his architecture as well. This can be seen over at Kopp's ever-playful and oh-so-modern glass and steel Bar 89 on Mercer Street in Soho, designed back in 1993 by architect Gilles DePardon of Ogawa/DePardon. This time Ricardo Scofidio of Diller Scofidio + Renfro will be the one who Kopp will play with. As of yet, the DS+R website isn't showing any renderings. The Department of Buildings shows that this one will be 7 stories with 3 units. But the more trusted word on the street says it will actually rise just 6-1/2 stories. No word if there will be a Kopp's Custard at street level.
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