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East Village Landmark Hits Market as 'Mansion'

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The former Cabrini Stuyvesant Polyclinic building, a landmarked old German library at 137 Second Avenue (at 9th Street), has seen numerous development plans fall apart over the past few years?including, most recently, a dorm . After that fell through, the 1883 beauty hit the market again, and was eventually sold last September for $7 million. Now, Vanishing New York points out that the new owner is trying a different strategy: selling the building as a single-family house. The price? Oh, just $13 million, on a building that probably needs a good deal of work if anyone is going to live in it. The signage (see after the jump) and listing (through Moss Real Estate Group) are a little lowbrow for such a neighborhood icon. It says the building has "a grand staircase even Lenny Kravitz would envy," and then there's this: "Our guess: someone with rock star attitude will transform this coolest of village landmarks into the most extraordinary eco-mansion New York has ever seen." Look, we get it. Just call the Krav man up and see if he bites.

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