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Willets Point Redevelopment Opponents File Suit Against City

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The fight to stop the city's big $3 billion redevelopment of Willets Point is going legal. Right now, property owners and opponents of the plan are having a press conference at City Hall to announced they're filling suit against the city over its "negligent, reckless and willful refusal to provide" basic services including streets, gutters, storm sewers, fire hydrants, snow removal, trash and sanitary sewers. They say the lack of services, in turn, will be used by the city to condemn property, evict businesses and turn the parcel over to developers. The suit asks the city to provide basic infrastructure and asks for damages for "past neglect." The city plans a huge housing, retail, hotel and convention complex on the site, which is next to Citi Field. Yesterday, opponents protested outside Shea Stadium on opening day. The Willets Point Industry and Realty Association and 10 of the biggest landowners have hired a major environmental lawyer to pursue the suit. Per a release from the group: "WPIRA maintains that the City of New York has planned to rezone and redevelop for many years and has been waging a campaign of intentional neglect to create and perpetuate an eyesore for the eventual justification of the use of Eminent Domain."
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