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The Atlantic Yards Ombudsman is Not In

When last heard from, the Atlantic Yards Ombudsman had finally been hired and was on the job, but today's Daily News reports that he hasn't been easy to get to see. Since November when Forrest Taylor was hired, "office renovations and ongoing meetings with city and state officials have delayed his advocacy duties." Only 60 percent of the Ombudsman's job is supposed to be spent "addressing community concerns" such as construction safety and other issues related to the big project. (Speaking of which, some work on the project was hit with a Stop Work Order yesterday by the Department of Buildings for unsafe conditions, among other things.) In any case, the Ombudsman's office on Hanson Place will open to the public, but no one can say when. And the Ombudsman himself is on vacation right now.
· Community advocate still missing in Atlantic Yards project [NYDN]

[Photo courtesy of threecee/flickr]