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Your Suburb, Our Record

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While the shock of Tribeca's "our suburb" hitting the market is still settling in ("We want to be part of the community" they told us!), the Observer's Max Abelson reports that the $35 million ask makes 2 N Moore Street the most expensive single-family Tribeca townhouse listing ever. Plus, there's some color on the owner: "Back in 2003, Mr. Schnall told The Times that things had 'taken off' for the firm he started, New York Mortgage Company, and that he needed recruiters to get all the new staff he needed. Then this year, Mr. Schnall announced his resignation from the firm, which had been bought out by one of the country's largest residential lenders for $13.4 million." [NYO; previously]

2 North Moore Street

2 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013