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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: A Fizzbow Blooms in Hell

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Location: 357 West 55th Street
Asking: $995,000

We thought tossing in a for-sale-by-owner listing would through off the guessers, but all the drama was removed pretty early on from this week's PriceSpotter: The first dude nailed it (suspicious!). Many other guesses were in the $900k to $1M range, so the lack of a broker pricing this Hell's Kitchen two-bedroom apparently wasn't much of a curveball. Discussion soon turned to the decor, and this was a favorite zinger: "I'd pay a premium for the exposed brick, except for the fact that it's outside." The owner took it all in stride. "My wife and I loved the comments and laughed our ass off at a few," he writes. We love a happy ending.
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