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Today's Provincetown Playhouse Drama: Shove It, NYU

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The latest shot fired in the sudden war over the Provincetown Playhouse comes from the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, whose leader Andrew Berman penned a rebuttal to NYU's proposal to tear down the MacDougal Street building, save and restore some of the façade and build a new academic complex/theater on the spot. In a letter (warning: PDF) to NYU Vice President for Government Relations and Community Engagement Alicia D. Hurley, Berman writes, "I believe that the NYU literature, much like the presentations NYU has made about this plan, tells a story which is far from complete and entirely accurate." Berman's take is that since the current building at 133-139 MacDougal Street underwent a major renovation in the '40s, NYU feels the structure isn't significant and the scraps of façade saved and restored are enough of an effort. Berman counters by arguing that the current incarnation of the playhouse is significant, and stapling on some original details and creating a facsimile of the theater does not a beloved cultural institution make. Expect a lot more back-and-forth on this hot topic in advance of the public hearing on the matter on May 28, which should be a doozy.
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