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Atlantic Yards Stall: A Slowdown-Related Lawsuit Filed

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[Photo courtesy of threecee/flickr]

If Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards project ever goes forward, it's safe to say these will not be looked upon as "the good old days" by the developer. Another lawsuit was filed against the project yesterday by tenants who say the drawn out schedule the state would allow is illegal. It gives Forest City Ratner 12 years to finish the first phase of the project. They say it violates the state's eminent domain law, which requires that a property be "materially improved" within ten years. Also, the suit argues that given that the stall--cancellation of some aspects of the project and delays--changes the public benefits that the Empire State Development Corp. has to hold another hearing. The suit was filed on behalf of 13 tenants in two buildings on Pacific Street and on Dean Street. In the meantime, there's a serious effort underway in Newark to possibly buy the Nets and move them to that city's Prudential Center. Heady times for the Atlantic Yards crew. Add the developments to the Timeline of Despair.
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