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Weekend Open House Tour: A Gift for Mom

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Sunday may be Mother's Day, but that's no excuse to take a day off from home huntin'. And if you really want to make the old lady happy, get her what she really wants: a chance to see her precious little darling more often. That's right, buy her a pied-a-terre! (You're still employed, right?) We went about finding the perfect candidates in a very scientific manner: searching for listings with "pied-a-terre" in their descriptions. Then we honed in on Midtownish locations, because she'll love the convenient location and proximity to, ugh, Times Square. From there, we narrowed it down to condos only, because do you really want the woman who birthed you to be put through a board approval? So, make your way to Midtown before or after brunch and bring that nag closer to her kiddie.
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