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CurbedWire: Edge Gets Craned, More Real Estate on TV, Stuy Town Gets Too Green

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WILLIAMSBURG?The crane is now looming large over the sprawling Edge site on the Williamsburg waterfront. Steel is also being put in place behind the fence, so it's probably only a few more weeks before Edge starts rising for real. [CurbedWire Staff]

EVERYWHERE?Here's something for early Sunday morning risers who are real estate addicts: a new show on CW 11 at 9AM on Sundays that will debut in June called NY Residential TV. Per the promo material, the hosts "bring eager couples, interested viewers, brokers and real estate experts together as they scan all five boroughs of New York City for the perfect home. There will be segments on flipping, green buildings, open houses and more, including "lavish new development opening parties." The trailer is here. [CurbedWire Inbox]

STUY TOWN?There appear to be a lot of surplus plants at Stuy Town. A tipster emails: "this is from a fellow dog owner from stuyvesent park who got it from the gardner of the park - apparently tishman speyer has purchased way too many plants and trees so they are leaving the extra's to wilt and die at 14th street and ave. a. they are there for the taking - just tell them 'christy sent me'." Interesting. We'd heard the password was "Hudson Yards." [CurbedWire Inbox]