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South Williamsburg to Get 'Rose Plaza on the River'

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A big new waterfront development in South Williamsburg is quietly making the rounds in the land use review process. The development is called Rose Plaza on the River. It would be a three-building project south of Schaefer Landing and immediately north of the big power plant that Con Ed is in the process of demolishing after early denials. Many people believe the utility will sell the cleared land for another luxe high rise development. It would also be across the street from the now very well-known 475 Kent Avenue. As for Rose Plaza, the developers are looking for the same zoning as Schaefer Landing, which has 350 units in two buildings. The developer would be Waterfront Realty, which includes several veteran Brooklyn real estate players including Stanley Gallant and others. It needs approval from the City Planning Commission among others to get anywhere.

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