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Confirmed: Harlem's Hip New Aloft Hotel

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The worst kept secret in Harlem is no longer a secret. On the website of W Hotel parent company Starwood, under a list of new hotels planned for North America, an Aloft?the new Starwood spinoff brand?is listed as opening in June 2010 at 2296-2308 Frederick Douglass Boulevard. This is the location around and over an old carriage house on 124th Street that was converted to lofts, an odd lot long rumored to be a W. The design seen above turned up some time ago on the website of the construction manager for the project. That rendering has since been deemed outdated by some of the parties involved, and good lord, we hope they're right. Left unanswered: Will the Aloft Harlem be a condo-hotel, as also rumored?
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