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Curbed FlipWatcher: BLUE's First Resale

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Closed: 2/26/07
Purchase Price: $1,025,000
Re-listed: 5/7/08
Asking: $1,279,000
Increase: 24.8%

For what feels like ages, the only two listings remaining at BLUE?the 16-story pile of pixelated glass at 105 Norfolk Street on the Lower East Side?have been the top two floors, the $3.475 million penthouse and $2.425 million "Tower 15." But late last week, on BLUE's official website, a third availability popped up: the 1BR, 1BA, 957-square-foot Unit 6B, "offered" at $1.279 million. Did a buyer drop out? Nope, this is actually the first resale in the building, and while it's sneaky that the flip is kinda-sorta made to look like an original offering, the listing is at least honest. Numerous BLUE units have been rented out, and there are currently four active rental listings according to StreetEasy, but the first luxury flip on Norfolk Street is reason enough to get excited about this building all over again. Will it get the asking price?
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