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Slope Stroller Blowouts Lead to Line Cutting, Busier Bike Shops

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So, a Park Slope Stroller Mom is pushing the little one down Seventh Avenue on her way to the Tea Lounge or, perhaps, Union Hall, when the unthinkable happens: the Maclaren has tire trouble. What to do? Apparently, go to a bike shop. Today's Post reports that Brooklyn nabes like Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights are on the cutting edge of a new trend: fixing stroller flats. Says the owner of a Slope shop: "They come in usually with one or two babies crying and sometimes demand to cut the line...We try to fix the flat right out on the sidewalk so they don't have to come into the store." One mom reports two blowouts and two flats on the mean street of the Baby Boom Brooklyn, including a nasty incident at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The bike shop owners say that "they never imagined that they would be fixing several strollers a day and even more on the weekends." Could all the flat fix shops on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope be a condo amenity marketing point, as in "steps to the renowned 24-hour Flat Fix."
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