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Attack of the Stop Work Orders: Projects Getting Pummeled?

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Are developers and buildings getting kicked around by a new, tough attitude by the Department of Buildings? They've been saying so, and statistics back up the fact that there are a lot more Stop Work Orders being taped up on building sites. Per Crain's, there were 1,403 stop-work orders on construction sites in April, versus 785 in January, which is nearly twice as many. The comparable increase last year was 10 percent. An official from a builder's group says that a lot of the violations are for technical things like paperwork that don't have anything to do with safety, but that inspectors seem to have gotten a new enforcement religion because they "are all afraid of losing their jobs." One DOB reform proposal floating around is to create a new agency that would be in charge of enforcement and inspections. Meanwhile, the Stop Work Orders keep popping up in heavy construction zones.
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