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CurbedWire: Prince St. Goes Green, Landmark of the Future

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SOHO?Brooklyn is not the only borough getting some snazzy new bike lanes, of course. A Curbed correspondent sends the above photos from Prince Street, where a brand new bike lane is, for the moment at least, minty green. Do recall that Prince Street may also become car-free on summer Sundays. Some wacky stuff going on down there. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FAR WEST VILLAGE?In addition to giving the go-ahead to the extended Noho Historic District, the Landmarks Preservation Commission also voted to calender 110-112 Horatio Street, the former Devoe Paint Factory just south of MePa. Writes the GVSHP: "The building is one of eight individual landmarks the LPC promised to designate in the Far West Village in 2005 in response to the push for extension of landmark and zoning protections in the area led by GVSHP. The Keller Hotel, 159 Charles Street, and 354 West 11th Street were designated in March of last year, while Westbeth, Charles Lane, and 370 and 372 West 11th Street are the four remaining promised individual landmark designations which the LPC has not yet acted upon." [CurbedWire Inbox]