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Several Hot Karl Condos Have Interesting Greenpoint Lineage

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What do 239 N. 9 Street, 261 N. 9 Street and 120 S. 4 Street in Williamsburg have in common? If you guessed Hot Karl Fischer--whose S. 4 Street building is in the rendering above--you have an important part of the answer. But not the only one. New York Shitty notes that the buildings, which will have a couple of hundred units between them, are being developed by one of the co-owners of the Greenpoint Hotel, which is most notable for its, um, sometimes unsavory living conditions. The 239 N. 9 building has had some safety issues and was the site of some anti-gentrification graffiti we caught last week. The S. 4 Street building, which is at the corner of Bedford Avenue and has another Greenpoint Hotel-related building, the Rocket Factory as its neighbor, just started up again after being an abandoned site for more than a year. To round out the picture, the same developer is planning a hotel--though whether it's a boutique or something else is unknown--next to another nabe favorite, Studio B. No word on whether Hot Karl is doing the renovations on that one.
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