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Real World Really Coming to Brooklyn

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So, the 21st season of MTV's Real World is going to be set in Brooklyn. That's 13 one-hour episodes of post-teen drama that will be broadcast in 2009 and shot somewhere in BK. Shooting for "Real World: Brooklyn" will start this summer, making the question of the moment: where will it be set? Media Mob, which has the news and full press release, is hoping for Smith and Carroll Street in the shadow of the Gowanus Yacht Club, but is also thinking Bedford and N. 6 will work. Will the producers go for a more off beat location like Green Street in Greenpoint? Or Van Brunt in Red Hook? Or someplace in Bushwick or Bed-Stuy? We're thinking Bedford Ave. has it won. Your thoughts in the comments.
· The Real World: Brooklyn. For Real. [Media Mob]