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Five Franklin Place Goes Online: Lobby! Floorplans! Music!

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Dutch architect Ben van Berkel's first New York City project?the black and bendy Five Franklin Place?has been met with a perfect storm of positivity. The buzz was deafening even before renderings were revealed, and once Berkel's Broadway Burka got out there, the praise was nearly universal. Even Kanye West is a fan! But now it's time to sell the 55 high-priced luxury condos, and the full website has been launched to do just that. The FFP site is full of all the ambient tunes and endless talk of influences one would expect from a highfalutin project, but much to our delight, it's also got new renderings of some of the building's shared spaces, as well as floorplan porn galore, including the two Sky Penthouses. The presentation of the floorplans almost seems pedestrian when compared to all the fancy click+zoom of the renderings and such, but cut the Dutch some slack: they gave the world wooden shoes!
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