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375 Pearl Street: From Verizon Blues to Water Views

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The redesign of the old Verizon switching station at 375 Pearl Street?the nearly windowless white building near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge that has been reviled since its completion in the mid-'70s?gets the full reveal in Steve Cuozzo's column in the Post today. Taconic Investment Partners bought the building from Verizon for peanuts, with an eye on converting the 32-story blight into an iconic downtown office building. The new World Trade Center towers will be some tough competition, but this one is actually built already, and good lord those views. At left is the "before" image, and after the jump is what's to come. Richard Cook of Cook + Fox designed the glass makeover, which will reveal X-shaped concrete supports under the building's skin. It's not the first glass curtain wall transformation we've seen lately, but given what stands here now, it's definitely more welcome. Other details of the $350 million renovation include a double-height lobby, outdoor plaza and the conversion of air-conditioning shafts to office space. Sounds roomy!

· Taconic's Downtown Crown [NYP]

375 Pearl Street

375 Pearl Street, New York, NY