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CurbedWire: St. Vincent's Coming Back on Monday, Brooklyn Booze & Zoning Screamfest Tonight

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WEST VILLAGE?That was fast. Part of the big St. Vincent's-Rudin development that has become a lightening rod for criticism is already coming back with a resdesign. The new design for the condo complex east of Seventh Avenue (that's a rendering of one of the old versions, above) will be presented to Community Board 2 next Monday. Per CB2: "The revised plans are based on comments from the Landmarks Preservation Commission and reflect concerns expressed by local elected officials and Community Board 2 that the Smith, Raskob, Nurses Residence, and Spellman buildings be preserved as part of any new development of the site and that the height and bulk of the proposed condominium buildings in the original plans were not appropriate for the Greenwich Village Historic District." The email calls the change "a tremendous victory for the local community." [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?People who think community board meetings are inherently boring, might want to check out tonight's potential screamfest at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Community Board 6 will be handling one toxic issue and one slightly hazardous one. The toxic topic is the liquor license for Union Hall. It comes before the full board for a vote tonight and both pro and con forces are expected to be out in force. The slightly hazardous issue is the zoning text amendment that would redefine some streets in Carroll Gardens that are barely wide enough for a car as "narrow" for zoning purposes, limiting the height of future development. The pro-amendment forces have been prevailing, but there's a dedicated group of opponents. [CurbedWire Inbox]