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Ask Curbed: I'm Moving, Will My Boyfriend Get Booted?

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Here's another classic New York City rental question concerning what happens to the rental apartment when one's significant other moves away. The heck with the girlfriend moving to California, will the boyfriend still qualify to rent with the reduced income? Here it is:

When my boyfriend and I signed our lease in December, we made 40x the rent combined ($1850). However, I'm being transferred out to California at the end of the year; boyfriend will stay in the apartment. Here's my question - he makes $50K, so 27x the rent. Do you think the landlord will let him renew the lease just under his name with that salary, or will I have to stay on the lease as well even though I'm moving out? (As in, would he have to reapply for the apartment all over again?) I guess I could call the management company, but it's a little early to notify them!Your answers and observations ahead in the comments section. As always, anyone with a question for Ask Curbed is invited to send it along to our tip line at
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