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Gowanus Canal Now Comes with 'Dunked Art'

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[Photo courtesy of Project for Canal]

Of all the art project's we've come across recently, none is more revolting, nauseating, compellingly creative in a Brooklyn neighborhood sort of way than an exhibition called Project for Canal based on the work of artist David Eustace, who's been dunking canvases in the Gowanus Canal for nearly two years to create the work that will be in an exhibition that opens tomorrow at the Brooklyn Artists Gym in Gowanus. The artist tells today's Post that "I see this as a play on the classic man-vs.-nature story." Per the exhibit website, the show "revolves around four large works hung in the canal at three-month intervals." There are many details about the creative process, but let's just say that none came out in pristine condition. The latest work is still in the canal and one can get a canoe from the Gowanus Dredgers and paddle over for a close look. The "guided" tours are booked, though, so paddlers will have to fend for themselves. Is it too late to get a mini Olafur Eliasson waterfall in the Gowanus?
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