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The 37 People More Powerful than Donald Trump

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Shaking us out of our post-Kanye hangover (who knew an architecture critic could put on such a good show?) is this week's Observer, which carries quite the extravaganza: The 100 Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate. The list was constructed in a very eco-friendly manner: it's all about the green. Or in the Observer's words: "The list, especially higher up, contains those who animate the deals and the trends. They are the deciders and the money providers." The top dog, in an entry that was probably feverishly rewritten over the past few days, is Tishman Speyer CEO Jerry Speyer. The deuce spot goes to Mayor Bloomberg, and #3 is one of New York's more prominent Steves, Related CEO Stephen Ross (Vornado's Steven Roth is at #24). The highest-ranking broker is Elliman's controversial spark plug Dolly Lenz, at #25, and her former protegé and current nemesis Michael Shvo is the last to be included, at #100. In Shvo's eyes, we're not sure what would be the bigger insult: being last on the list, or being left off it entirely. We'd ask, but the sound of the Dubai wind whipping through his immaculate coiffure would probably make it too loud for him to hear us. Donald Trump, burn, is #38.
· The 100 Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate [NYO]