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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Zip It, Upper East Side!

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Location: 12 East 64th Street
Asking: $2,150,000

When you strip away the context, sure, this apartment is?as a commeter said?"a walk-up one bedroom with no closet space, basically." But this is the classy Upper East Side, between Fifth and Mad, meaning the walk-up is in a townhouse, bearskin litters the floor, chairs get firmly planted in front of fireplaces and that den is a bedroom because they say so. To all those who guessed under $2 million, what, you thought they'd price it as a 1BR? Heck no, or as our anonymous correct guesser put it, "Not a one bedroom, not a two bedroom. A one-and-a-half bedroom. $1.2MM for a 1 bed room, $3.1MM for a two bedroom. So $2.15MM for a one-and-a-half bedroom." Can't argue with that logic.
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