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As Burg Power Plant Falls, A Vision of What It Could Be

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The Power Plant on Kent Avenue in South Williamsburg is being demolished by Con Edison right now to the consternation of preservationists, but a readers sends the rendering above of what it might look like if saved. He writes:

I used to live near the old powerhouse on Kent Avenue that is being demolished by ConEd. I have been studying ways that this building could be re-used - as a cultural institution, library, housing, studios for local artisans, etc. It could also be adapted to allow community access to the waterfront.
The building was turned down for consideration by the Landmarks Commission and the utility says it can't find a buyer for the building because the cleanup would be too costly. (Asbestos is said to be baked into the walls.) So, after first denying it would be demolished, the building is coming down so the cleared land can be sold. There's sentiment in the community for using the land for affordable housing, but Con Ed is likely to sell it for luxe condo development. Historians were interested in photographing the interior to create a record of the building, but a Community Board 1 member told us they'd turned down the request, citing "safety concerns." Nice rendering, though.
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