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Construction Watch: Hell's Kitchen Swimming Hole Closed

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After megadeveloper Related's plan for a mixed-use development that included an 1,800-seat Cirque du Soleil theater didn't quite pan out (too Canadian), the huge vacant piece of land on West 42nd Street between Tenth and Dyer Avenues took on a new identity as the Hell's Kitchen swimming hole. But when Related announced that it had cleared the way for the rumored 60-story hotel/condo, we knew that the clock was ticking on the unofficial pool. Indeed, a Curbed tipster sent in the above photos of the site, where Related's worker bees are busy excavating and laying foundation. Related had said they would release details on the 440 West 42nd Street project "soon," and we're still waiting. Guys, how about a rendering? Or at least tell us what you did with two years' worth of rainwater!
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440 West 42nd Street

440 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036