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Meanwhile, at the Hotel Chelsea: Big Bruise & Tribute Tattoos

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To be honest, the drama playing out at the always insane Hotel Chelsea recently has been nearly impossible to follow. Firings, lawsuits, evictions, etc.?it's one big ol' Chelsea mess! Yesterday, the Observer's Chris Shott reported on a confrontation between hotel vice president David Elder and hotel tenant Arthur Nash, one that resulted in a new security detail patrolling the storied artists' haven. Hey, Hotel Chelsea Blog, how's that working out?

According to Nash, what happened on Monday night was that after he retrieved his mail from behind the front desk, he was barred from entering the elevator and menaced by the approximately 6’5”, 275 lb. security guard (who had apparently been instructed to deal harshly with Nash). After returning to his room to get his camera—he had been instructed by his lawyer to document all confrontations—Nash attempted to take the guard’s picture. In response, the guard tried to wrench the camera away from Nash and then grabbed him in a bear hug and body slammed him against the front desk, smashing the camera (and Nash’s hand) against the counter repeatedly until the batteries flew out. The guard continued to wrestle with Nash as Nash tried to use the house phone to call the police. A resident who had witnessed the altercation, and who corroborated Nash's story, said that in all his or her time at the Chelsea, he or she had never seen anything so frightening. Nash eventually did manage to call the police, but they decided they didn’t have sufficient cause to arrest the guard. (The photo of one of Nash's injuries speaks volumes.)

Never seen anything so frightening? It kind of sounds like a somewhat boring chapter for a building that has seen at least one high-profile capital crime committed by a rock star, but dude, sweet ink!
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